SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School

SZÁMALK-Szalézi Post-Secondary Vocational School was established 17 years ago in order to provide vocational training programs in the field of ICT. Since then its choice of training programs has been gradually expanding so that now we offer vocations in the field of economics, mass media, arts, communication, tourism and administration.

Besides the day and evening programs we are involved in adult education in the form of distance learning. Our training portfolio presently contains 35 programs in 24 vocations at advanced and high levels. Since 2006 the school has had the so-called „CISCO Local Academy“.

Over 1000 students learn and many  participate in different national educational competitions with good results. We provide different facultations, after-school activities and language courses.

Our school has always been involved in the innovative side of education. We have had several EU experimental projects as well as innovation transfer projects.

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   Szamalk Szalézi  Post-Secondary Vocational School 
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