Nigde University

Nigde University is a public and non-profit university that gives education services in different areas (engineering, vet, teacher training etc). Today, the university has 3 institutes, 7 faculties, 3 colleges and 8 vocational schools of higher education. Beside the main campus, Nigde University serves VET in neighbor towns, Bor and Ulukışla, where three of the vocational schools of higher education are located.

Nigde University has expertise, experienced staff in the subjects of vocational and technical education, trainers’ training in both vocational and formal education, online learning systems, course design and curriculum development, informational technology, development of learning and teaching.


 Mahmut Suat Delibalta -
 +90 388 225 23 87
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 Niğde University  
 51125 Niğde-Turkey