The Main Aim of the Project is to respond to the clear need in Europe in general and the project partners' countries (TR,PL,PT,HU,ES) to strengthen students' and graduates' skills to interact with a considerable proportion of the future skilled workforce.

The Objectives of the Project are;

* to report present applications related to web-based training, portfolio and e-portfolio in vocational education in Europe.

* to construct an e-portfolio framework that would be used by trainers to design e-portfolio processes in different fields of vocational education.

* to develop web-based learning materials to teach learning and assessment approach of e-portfolio and its usage in vocational education.

* to design sample e-portfolio processes for different professions in vocational education and to apply them on target groups.

* to report results related to application of e-portfolio in vocational education

The project has the following key objectives:

-Measuring the needs of the target groups through an analysis of the entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation skills to be promoted

-Developing an e-portfolio system on web that integrates the different types of resources and improving the graduates’ and students’ skills to be promoted

-Disseminating and exploiting the Project and its results.

With these respects, European priority "Encouragement of cooperation between VET and the world of work (LEO-TraInno-7)" will have been provided.

In terms of sectorial aspect, partnership has a good contribution, including three universities (Çukurova University, Fırat University, Nigde University), two vocational training organizations (Hungary,Spain), and three SMEs which are quite experienced and have close contacts with SMEs. By considering “Encouragement of cooperation between VET and the world of work” stated in call for proposals, the partners have strong background and experiences in web based applications and portfolio design in vocational education. At the end of the project, there will be an e-portfolio system which both the employers and target group will benefit and this will be as the employment source for the people who seek decent jobs in their lives. And also this environment will meet the needs of the organizations and will have positive impact on people. Tangible outcomes of this project will be the CDs, handbooks and personal records. Intangible outcomes of this project will be the source modules and developed environment offering communication networking, knowledge sharing and managing platform according to the special needs of SMEs. Each partner will arrange the works and applications in their own country. The reports and other materials, which will be prepared during the project, are going to be integrated by promoter and presented to all of the partners and persons and institutions concerned. The project will acquire international dimension, providing integration of different applications, reports and other activities in different countries. So, it will achieve transfer of innovation all over the Europe

The project's direct target aims to reach students attending to the higher education and graduates and - as indirect beneficiaries - it will consist of the practitioners in adult education such as lecturers, instructors, trainers, managers, programme planners, and also company managers, mentors, in-company trainers of job applicants, instructors and other senior members of staff who supervise young people at work, on the other hand the project will cover recruiters selecting job applicants and introduce them into their companies. Taking “e-portfolio process in  VET” as a base, the new (innovative) part of the Project will be the “assessment of e-portfolio" and "language passports" because the promoter is in connection with a lot of large firms and factories in the frame of university-industry collaboration.

The modules for e-portfolio which is commonly used will be added, used and developed in partner countries. Anyway the partners have all vocational education/training. Manuals and guide books will be outsourced in Turkish, English, Hungarian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish.

This project will create young graduate persons not only equipped with vocational skills and qualifications towards an employment but will also equip them with enhanced personal, social & methodological competencies. Its usage will increase efficiency and instructional performance in the vocational education. ePortsource project will develop a learning approach that is flexible, individual and learner-centered in both the national and European level.